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Domain name news. News about the domain name word, domain names sold, domain name corporate purchases. sold today Newbies Beware!!

September 4, 2021 sold for $5,400 USD. Be careful buying domain names with i and l in them.

Capital i looks like lower case L in many font faces. Many have been tricked into buying instead of spelled with an i would sell for $500,000 or into the millions, which is a red flag that something is not right. Rebrands to

August 19, 2021

Here are some poster’s comments at a popular forum:

  • Downgrade in my opinion.
  • Brightstar is brighter.
  • Congratulations to, they are about to see an increase in traffic from all the typos.
  • I’m constantly amazed how the fundamentals of branding/marketing are lost even at the highest levels. What do you pay these people for?
  • Radio test results from
    9 respondents out of 10 spelled “brightstar”
    0 respondents out of 10 spelled “likewize”

I feel the same as the comments above. to be aquired

July 28, 2021

According to a new SEC filing, the domain name is to be acquired for $6 million USD. Trident Acquisitions Corp. is the buyer.

The total purchase price was $6,000,000 with $3,000,000 to be paid within six months of the close of the Business Combination or December 31, 2021 at the latest. The initial $3,000,000 of the purchase price was funded through the issuance of Series B Convertible Notes.

Is the name available?

July 13, 2021

One of the first criteria to look at is ownability and URL availability. Nowadays you will be hard pressed to find a name where the .com is still available. I often will look at .io, .co, get(word).com, or (word) as my top alternatives to a dot com, but I always prefer the dot com if available or it’s attainable in the future. It maybe parked by a domain investor or someone is asking a ridiculous price, but that’s always better than an established business using your preferred .com. If not, you will always be fighting a search battle with some other brand that owns your dot com. Sold

June 23, 2021 sold for $1 Million at domain broker Buckley Media. The Buyer is Bosch. Bosch is the creator of an ebike system with motors, batteries, and displays for ebikes. Bosch’s ebike website is now at Sold

June 22, 2021 sold for $29,750 USD at Sedo. Condizionatore is an Italian word that means air conditioner in English. was purchased by Nettbureau AS, a Scandinavian company that provides comparison and tender services. Sold

June 19, 2021 sold for $42,550 USD on DropCatch. What is the word Vitae? It is the 2nd word in CV “Curriculum Vitae” (resume). was purchased by blogger Ammar Kubba, the owner of

Comparison of 1 word and 2 word domain name sales

June 16, 2021

One word domain names usually sell for a lot more dollars than 2 word domains.  As you can see these single dictionary words sold for much more. 812,000 USD 2021-05-09 RightOfTheDot 550,000 USD 2021-05-09 Private Sale 440,000 USD 2021-05-09 DomainBooth 415,000 USD 2021-05-09 GetYourDomain 1,945,000 USD 2021-05-06 Private 100,000 USD 2020-06-30 GoDaddy 151,000 USD 2020-08-16 GoDaddy 125,000 USD 2020-09-15 977,500 USD 2020-10-31 GoDaddy 150,000 USD 2020-11-08 DomainSource 100,890 USD 2020-11-08 BuckleyMedia 125,000 USD 2020-11-30 GoDaddy 110,000 USD 2020-11-30 GoDaddy 112,125 USD 2021-03-28 PerfectName 181,188 USD 2021-04-27 Sedo 180,000 USD 2021-05-09 RightOfTheDot and Twitter handle Sold

May 31, 2021 and Twitter handle Sold.

Alexandre Dreyfus Tweeted: Excited to announce that we acquired the domain name and Twitter account @FanTokens
for more than $3 Million USD. This new digital real estate for us consolidates our leadership and authority in a market we created 3 years ago.

Fan Tokens by Sold

May 30, 2021 sold for $396,769 privately August 22, 2020.

The new owner is One Water Assets & Operations LLC. One Water Assets is owned by One Water Marine Holdings. They own a
number of marina websites with one site that lists boats for sale. is a perfect fit for their boat sales. sells for $150,000 Euro on

May 26, 2021 was purchased by RoboMarkets Ltd.

RoboMarkets is a multi-asset broker offering 8 asset types and more than 12,000 instruments for trading. The domain name is now forwarding to their website This could be a rebranding of their CopyFX website to CopyMarkets or a new website with new services. We will wait to see what use they have for their new domain name. sold

April 20, 2021 sold for $43,000 at sold for $8,818 at Sedo. DrugHelp is a great brand name for a rehab clinic. is for sale at if you are looking for similar brand. sold

February 15, 2021

Christmas is over but an early present arrived last November for the owner of the dot com. has arranged the sale of for $3.15 million a month before Santa’s arrival. The new owner is Gordon Companies – Christmas Central provides one of the largest online selections of Christmas decorations, home decor and outdoor living items. sold for $3.6 MILLION

January 29, 2021

The Domain King Rick Schwartz has sold another rock solid domain. Congrats to him! He sure knows how to
own the best domain names, but lets say the odds were in his favor. sells for $30,000

January 27, 2021 sells for $30,000 at and is now pointing to Media Options. Let’s see what plans they have for this domain, or it may be soon resold to another owner.

If you are looking for a health care domain name then is for sale at may be a better domain name for you.

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